The Reason why the Black bears, Taro and Hanako are Kept In Cage
Black bears spend about two years with their mothers and learn way to live in the wild, and then become independent from their family.  Taro and Hanako used to be wild bears, but their mothers were shot by hunters when they were little.  So Taro was raised in Wakayama and Hanako in Tokyo by humans.
However, Taro was determined to be culled by public administration and Hanako was also decided to be culled because her foster parents couldn’t keep her anymore.  A man felt sorry for them and took in them in Oishi plateau, Wakayama.  We founded “Taro and Hanako Fan Club” in summer, 2005 to support the man who keeps the bears.
Some say to let them go into the wild, but there are no places where bears could live safely in Wakayama.  Also they love humans, so they might cause injury or death to humans.
Taro and Hanako lead a happy life with the support of many people, but they are caged forever.  We, JBFS are restoring the forests where animals can live all over the country.
Hanako past away in November 2018. She was 27years old.

*Recruit Volunteers: Taro and Hanako Fan Club*
Every fourth Sunday, our volunteer staff go to OISHI plateau, Wakayama to feed Taro and Hanako and clean their house.  If you wish to help us take care of them, call 0798-22-4190 or email us ( contact@kumamori.org).
First and third Sundays, and one weekday (irregular), Wakayama branch members go to take care of the bears.  Call 090-7967-7585


If you have an account of JAPAN POST BANK, you can help us sending money through it.
The number of postal transfer ( YUBIN FURIKAE) :00920-7-80487


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