The guardian posted an article about recent situation with Japanese black bears and the president of JBFS commented in the article.

Ursine terror': plea to improve habitat after spate of bear attacks in Japan

In response to the situation we face this year, we have released a statement     summary of the statement in ENG

Two years in a row! Massive number of bears have been caught and killed in Japan.

Forest degradation resulting from human activities has led to lack of acorns in forests, which are the most important food for bears before hibernation.


Starved bears who come down to residential areas to search food have been caught and killed one after another. The extinction can become reality if this goes on.

We act to avoid the extinction and to coexist with bears.

photo by Yoshihiro Sato

We carry acorns gathered in towns and villages to the mountains in order to feed bears and stop them coming down to residential areas. This is an urgent countermeasure.

We carry acorns,,,

and persimmons,,,


To coexist with bears, we request:

1  Give acorns and fruits in villages to bears.  Carry them to the mountains if there is danger of human-bear accidents.

2  To prevent fatal accidents, keep bears from being captured and killed as far as possible

3  Plant trees that can bear fruits to feed bears such as chestnuts at a foot of mountains to stop them from coming out to villages.

4  To prevent human-bear accidents, mow the bushes that bears might  hide in and remove things that attract animals.

5  Restore and return the habitat to wild animals that we took away.

We appreciate your support!

Our organization is relied on the membership fee and individual donation.

We carry out our actions with lots of volunteers across the country.

An international media OZY introduced the failed Japanese afforestation policy and our effort to tackle this problem in an article.

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Sign the petition! Now, Hyogo prefecture is lifting the ban on black bear hunting,,,.

Black bears in western Japan are "endangered"; however,  Hyogo (a prefecture located in western Japan)  now resumes black bear huting. 

Save black bears from hunters by signing the petition here. (English explanation follows Japanese one.)